photographer award and diploma to capture the moment

For large events: photographer award and diploma

photographe pour remise de prix et de diplôme

There are unforgettable moments in a life. And to help you keep the best memories, photo agency running the image offers a team of specialized photographers in covering awards and diploma in Paris.

Rental of photo corner kiosk for pictures with a photographer award and diploma

To be a success at major events, our picture agency offers you to rent a photo corner kiosk. This unit allows your guests to take pictures freely and to receive instant prints. And for more customization, you can even choose to dress up your kiosk as your theme to optimize your communication. The advantage is that you can choose whether or not to hire a photographer specialized in the award and diploma to animate your kiosk and make your cover photo in Ile-de-France. However, remember that the services offered by our team bring an undeniable success at your ceremony to enhance your image.

Viewing the highlights in real time with photographers for awards and diploma

By choosing to use the services of specialized photographers in the awards and diploma in the Paris region, you will receive a quality service. Indeed, in addition to the entertainment offered by the rental of the photo corner kiosk during your festivities, you can also view the highlights of the ceremony as and that pictures will be taken. In addition, your guests can create their own memories by selecting and printing photos of their choice. Moreover, we can strengthen the emotional impact pictures by incorporating a custom model or by printing it on custom items like T-shirts, calendars, mugs and many other media again.