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-Chromakey/ green background animation
-The photocall: manufacturing and creating visual
-The various effects: Pop Art, van de Graff generator, calendar, silhouette, light painting, instagram
– Digital Marketing: sending photos to social networks and data collection.
– Photo or video report


Live – Sharing – Speed ​​- Service – Quality.

Mini box

The self-service printing terminal:

borne photo


Give your event a fun and friendly dimension with our self-service printing terminals! For corporate events or birthdays choose the Mini box to offer your guests a unique experience and unforgettable moments! Your project is unique, which is why we offer solutions to customize the Mini box and your photos with many features. Our team is available to advise you and give you all the technical information in order to personalize your Mini box to your image or that of your customers. This terminal offers a multitude of options to decorate your pictures, add a text message or logo to create a fun surprise for your guests. 


kiosk photo


 The Mini Box settings can be adapted to your preferences of those of your customers. You can select the language and the tariff applied for each print and may also set the printing option to standard configuration (instant print) or custom (customizable frames and layouts).

Easy to install and upkeep

Compact and robust, thanks to its all-in-one design, it is very easy to set up as no wiring is required. The paper and the ink ribbon are easily replacable and do not require handling any chemical praducts.

Printing options

The Mini box offers your customers a wide choice of printing options from frames to coloring effects and even matte finish which reduces fingerprints.

Speed and quality

Whatever the chosen output format, the speed of the Minibox is exceptional: 6 seconds for an image of 10 x 15 cm. With sublimation printing this mini terminal allows to print pictures of a quality worthy of a photo



minibox ou miniborne

Multi-media compatibility

The Mini box is compatible with all existing memory cards.