-location Photo terminal
-The Green background picture overlay
-The Photocall: manufacture and visual creation
-The Various effects: pop art, graffiti van generator, calendar, silhouette, light painting, instagram
– Digital Marketing: sending social networks, data collection
– Photo or video Reportage

Increase Customer Email List and Receive Event Data through the photos corner kiosks or photobooths

A photo corner kiosk or a photobooth by image en marche connected to social networks offers many opportunities !

borne collecte de donnees

After guests provide their emails, these addresses can be instantly saved and collected directly into our email marketing system, which can be downloaded and sent to you or your customer database at any time.
We can also access and send you an event recap with your Photo and Data Capture performance so you can view statistics of photos taken, emails collected, social shares, and viral traffic.
Your customer email list and event statistics can help you track your marketing benefits and enhance your future event performances.

Indeed, its functionality is not limited to printing and sending live pictures on the web, it also allows you to collect useful information through snapshots performed: data collection is very easy thanks to the advanced feature of this equipment. Each guest who wishes to receive a photo should indeed respond to a number of applications (contact information, preferably consumption …) to get it.

It is possible to avail this opportunity to ask different questions to participants and compile their responses for later analysis. The information from this survey are perfectly exploitable to refine or develop a marketing strategy or a communication campaign.

Photobooth corner or kiosk Rental connected to social networks

In this perspective, we have recently launched the party photobox a “photo booth” which offers many recreational options to own digital marketing: sending live on social networks, integration of data collection adthis, google analytics …