-Applicable pour twitter également

-Télécharger et imprimer depuis d’Instagram, Twitter ou Email
-Fonctionne comme une station d’impression et / ou de Diaporama
-Modes diaporama et Vignettes
-Envoi Facebook en arrière plan pour promovoir la fanpage client
-Chanrgement FTP et SmugMug en arrière plan
-Impression en live
-Affichage de Publicité sur le diaporama
-Téléchargement de vidéos de15 secondes depuis intragram et ajouter sur le diaporama omme les photos


Print Instagram – photo corner kiosk instagram animation


Instagram printing with our photo corner kiosks instagram


Instagram impression


Set up an animation print Instagram and live viewing slideshows. Choose a hashtag and source of the photos of the event by allowing users to take photos with their smartphones and instantly print and display them in real time on the slideshow.


Whether you are planning a birthday party, product launch or other event of your company, the print instagram animation is the perfect solution to make buz social media and delight your guests.


How it works?


After booking intagram kiosk, choose your hashtag at least 5-7 working days before the event. For a private party Music So for example, we have chosen to use # smomusic. We recommend that you check whether someone else is using the same hashtag so you’re not going to print their photos ;)


afficher dans un diaporama ou mur présentation personnalisable


This is a great way to offer your guests a memory and / or promote the use of your hashtag.


View slideshow or photos wall customizable – presentation


instagram photobooth


Not only can you print photos from Instagram, but you can view them in a slideshow or presentation Wall customizable. Photos and tweets are downloaded automatically added to the slide show that can be displayed on a monitor, television or video projector.


You give your guests the opportunity to have their photos displayed moments after shooting