-location Photo terminal
-The Green background picture overlay
-The Photocall: manufacture and visual creation
-The Various effects: pop art, graffiti van generator, calendar, silhouette, light painting, instagram
– Digital Marketing: sending social networks, data collection
– Photo or video Reportage



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Photo and Digital Marketing

photographe marketing digital

Digital marketing is a discipline aimed at promoting services and business products using media or digital or digital communication channel to reach consumers in a personal, interactive and highly targeted.

It is in this aspect of our pictures terminals are a formidable tool for communication and digital marketing.

The buz that can generate this kind of marketing material in operation is huge! The picture on what figure the guests is kept carefully, show and share. The addition of your brand or your customer on the photos can also drive traffic to your site and treat your online reputation simultaneously.

If customers choose to send live email to their mail, we can customize the fields to fill before sending the photos, if you want to collect such a targeted prospect file. We can deliver at the end of the event a complete file containing the database that you can use later.

The cost of digital marketing is still reasonable compared to other communication strategies, the use of this form of marketing is becoming more common on specialized areas that have as target consumers who seek instant and immediate!

With our expertise in photo and animations original and user-friendly video, you will have essential communication tools for data collection and implementation of your surveys while providing a fun entertainment for your guests.

  • Online sending live pictures via email and on social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram …) or FTP server.
  • Collecting custom participants data
  • Achievements inquiries via photobooths and kiosk terminals.