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-Chromakey/ green background animation
-The photocall: manufacturing and creating visual
-The various effects: Pop Art, van de Graff generator, calendar, silhouette, light painting, instagram
– Digital Marketing: sending photos to social networks and data collection.
– Photo or video report


Live – Sharing – Speed ​​- Service – Quality.

Interactive Photobooths and Event Photography

Because IEM understands each event is different, we have developped several photo terminals and photo booths depending on the design, space, functionalities and services you may need.

Our various photos terminals :

  • Photos terminals for reports
  • The mini-terminals or minibox
  • The Photobox Party or photo booth (self service)

bornes de reportage

The photo terminal is an ideal product for large events; it allows your guests to print their favorite photos from the event. The terminals are leased with an operator who will set up the machines and assist your guests with printing and / or sending photos. The operator also liaises with the photographer for color calibration and photo transfer to the terminal. This service allows the photographer or the organizer to discharge themselves from the technical aspects of the terminals and makes for a friendly use for guests.
Photo terminals allow for very fast printing – 2 imbedded printers – as well as live transfer to the web. It is one of the preferred equipment for large events as one terminal is enough for up to 1000 guests. Thanks to its second screen, the slideshow of the pictures taken by your guests can be instantly broadcasted on the machine or even onto a big screen in the room. A numbering system allows for guests to easily find their pictures and avoid long queues to get their prints. The terminal is equipped with a card reader for the photographer to transfer the pictures; alternatively a wireless transmitter is also available to rent out. Editing software is available for filtered photos or special effects such as Instagram and pop art…. All photos are automatically saved and will be sent to you via USB key or burned onto a DVD.


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