Multi-pose photography (cloning shooting)


This photobooth with green screen background allows for multi-pose photography in one unique frame.




photobooth fond vert– Multiple poses on the same photo (cloning)
– Green screen background insert or classic photocall
– Screen fitted to help take pictures (positioning on green screen)
– Live feed on facebook or email
– Customizable with company logo
– Data collection
– Booths can be personalized with the company’s colors.







Take 1, 2, 3 or more poses and find yourself in real time in a single visual!


Personalize, print, share !








-Size: Max 178 * 60 * 40 cm / min 143 * 60 * 40
-Digital Camera: Canon DSLR with 18.0 megapixels
-Monitor: 22”LED Dual Screen (touch screen for live view for shooting and one for advertising or photo slideshow)
-Imprimante Dye sublimation (12 seconds / image)
Lifting -System: Height adjustment with remote control or via buttons on the machine
-Poinds: 35kg