-location Photo terminal
-The Green background picture overlay
-The Photocall: manufacture and visual creation
-The Various effects: pop art, graffiti van generator, calendar, silhouette, light painting, instagram
– Digital Marketing: sending social networks, data collection
– Photo or video Reportage

Sharing to social networks via photobooth or photos corner kiosks


The photos corner kiosks or photobooth are connected to ensure sending live your photos on social networks. Guests can share to social networks like Facebook and Twitter from their email. Facebook and Twitter shares include your branding and the text you set up ahead of time.


borne photo réseaux sociaux

An interactive kiosk connected to social networks offers the possibility to send instantly to Facebook, Twitter, and other pictures taken at your events. The agency The image running offers rental photo corner  kiosk allowing you to create a buzz around your business events. Guests or participants can take pictures at will and publish them directly on their web pages.

Guests can claim their photo digitally by providing their email address and/or phone number to receive a mobile-optimized email or text with social sharing buttons.


Photo animation with photobooth or studio corner kiosk connected to social networks


The digital animation is both an entertainment and communication tool.

Everyone can see his photos on a large screen and select the ones to be broadcast live. Depending on your needs, we can install multiple photos corner kiosks which are connected to avoid the queues and allow everyone to take pictures freely.

The photos published on community sites indeed awaken the interest of Internet users and help increase traffic to your website and build awareness of your company.

Interactive photos corner kiosk are connected to social networks, a digital marketing tool

The picture is switched to that effect the indispensable partner to ensure the success of your events and achieve your marketing objectives