-location Photo terminal
-The Green background picture overlay
-The Photocall: manufacture and visual creation
-The Various effects: pop art, graffiti van generator, calendar, silhouette, light painting, instagram
– Digital Marketing: sending social networks, data collection
– Photo or video Reportage

Parties and events “Photo Call” Animation


Customize your event with a photocall animation


animation photocall The photocall animation is to set up a mobile photo studio equipped with a customized background: Wall logos, theme pictures … This kind of service is offered most often at professional events (corporate event, product launch, trade show, etc.). Guests are greeted well by the photographer or facilitator who takes the photograph alone or in groups before the photocall. This animation can be performed by a professional photographer or the party photobox (booth type kiosk). The image has obviously started manufacturing the photocall at different dimensions.


Animation photocall with printing corner kiosks

This original animation allows the organizer to provide quality souvenir photos to all the guests and participants. Indeed, the kiosks are equipped with printers and shots are fired immediately and given to participants.

Formed by a team of experienced professional photographers, the agency “Image en Marche” can guarantee the success of your corporate events thanks to its know-how and powerful equipment. The photographs taken at these events become thereto effective communication tools contribute to enhancing the image of your company to the media and the public