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-Chromakey/ green background animation
-The photocall: manufacturing and creating visual
-The various effects: Pop Art, van de Graff generator, calendar, silhouette, light painting, instagram
– Digital Marketing: sending photos to social networks and data collection.
– Photo or video report


Live – Sharing – Speed ​​- Service – Quality.


Inlaying photo, live green screen /chroma key


Inlaying photo live , what is it ?


animation photomontage fond vert



The inlaying photo live is taking shots on a green or blue background and makes it different effects. These assemblies are a part of the picture activities offered by event organizers for participants or visitors to have fun.


 The inlaying photo or Green screen / chroma key, is a funny photo animation for events

With the inlay live photo, feel free to choose the background that you want to appear in your shots: on the moon, on top of the Eiffel Tower in the middle of the North Pole or anywhere else! Assembly is done by taking a picture of a green or blue background and the inlay is done automatically and directly.

Green screen chroma key  (picture inlays)to improve team cohesion

The live image pop has become a current photo animation professional’s offer during the events they organize. Visitors to a living room or participants in a seminar taking poses for the camera and the photo corner kiosk take care of embedding them in the desired funds. As part of a team building or incentive, this animation allows the audience to enjoy your stay, it is a good way to strengthen cohesion among colleagues in a company. Everyone will then keep his photos as a souvenir of the event.

Green screen chroma key (Inlaying photo) made from an interactive corner kiosk Photo

The use of interactive terminals facilitates image editing and printing photos made from live image pop: all fantasies are then permitted! The organizing company of the event can also be encrusted logo or slogan.