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Photograph for road show and street marketing

Road show photographer for the coverage of your marketing campaigns

photographe road show, photographe street marketing

The street marketing Photographer supports companies during the road shows. As one of the strategies used in advertising campaigns, street marketing can create buzz about a company’s products. Indeed, this kind of event enables you to get in touch with the public in the streets and to directly promote your products to consumers. To ensure coverage of the campaign, you need an event photographer.

Street marketing photographer and picture kiosk rental in Paris

If your marketing campaign is held in Paris, picture our agency can provide you with a road show professional photographer. It will capture the highlights during the campaign and impressions on the looks and smiles of passersby and people addressed. These stolen snapshots can be used as tools of communication and quality keepsake photos.

Additionally, you can choose the photo corner kiosk rental for easy viewing, distribution and printing of images. Indeed, this equipment allows you to directly publish the best pictures on your own site or on social networks for more impacts.

Photographer road show to make downloading your photos on the web  

Photos taken by our photographer street marketing in Île-de-France can be retouched in order to obtain an optimal. There may also insert text or change colors. Then this event photographer will continue to print and distribute the photographs selected by you on social networks.

Equipped with two printers each, our picture kiosks are able to take several photos in minutes, which is convenient because passers scramble to take pictures with the personality or fame you have invited for the occasion. It goes without saying that everyone wants to immediately get his shots.