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Photographer inaugural

Understanding the business of a inauguralphotographer

photographe inauguration

Thanks to a inaugural works of photographer, get strong memories and quality photos of the inaugural of your new premises, the opening of your store, etc. Capturing the beginning of each of your adventures through beautiful photographs.

The specific work of a inauguralphotographer

A inaugural photographer specialized in immortalizing the key moments of the opening ceremony. Whether the inauguralof a new production site, a new agency or office, a store, etc. Its services offer you a precious memory of that day, greeting guests until the end of the ceremony. On the sidelines of the event, a inauguralphotographer can also get photo animations. The images can for example be projected on a large screen or made available to guests on photos corner kiosks. 

The strengths of our inaugural photographers

Our inaugural photographers are renowned for their expertise and experience in taking picture of all significant moments of the inaugural ceremony. They provide you with a particularly exceptional quality images. The pictures can then be used in your communication campaigns. They can also serve as an illustration of support for your website. They thus mark the dynamism of your team and feel of your company. In addition, our inaugural photographers are able to handle your picture animations. Through our photo corner kiosk equipped with printers, your guests will start your ceremony with pictures of the event adorned with your logo.

Note that following the event, pictured agency gives you all the pictures taken during the inaugural in high definition format in DVD. If you wish, they will also be accessible via secure access on our website.