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Photographer for concert and music

Photographer for concert and music

photographe de concert musique

With a specialized concert photographer, capture the highlights of your benefit.

A service to artists, concert promoters and music festivals, producers, labels …

Specialized photographers in music and concert

Shooting live concert requires expertise, strong technical mastery and knowledge of the arts community from the photographer of your concert.

A professional concert photographer for a good record of your performance

A concert is first changing colored lights constantly to the rhythm of music. The music photographer must be familiar exercise in order to have the best made possible both in the light colors while playing with the effects against the light and contrast shadow / light to fully restore the atmosphere of the concert.

These are also, of course, musicians. These musicians are always moving and we need the concert photographer gets to enter the correct posture for a great photo that values ​​the artists or seize an intense moment.

If it adds to the problem of the placement of the photographer during your concert. The possibilities are limited so as not to interfere with or musicians nor the audience and must also count on the items that can spoil the shot (microphones, speakers, cables and other lighting strips).

While many elements that make indispensable the intervention of a professional photographer at your concert.

In music events, participants also often want to immediately view photos taken by photographers concert. To meet this demand, in addition to one or more concert photographers, organizers often opt for the rental of kiosks  at Paris Photo. Participants can then be immediately print the pictures or even put them online.

In addition to a concert photographer, photo corner kiosk, a new event tool.

Photos corner kiosks available for rent in Paris and across the Paris region at concerts and music shows come with software that allows edits and posting.

Featuring two screens, you can view your pictures within minutes after they are taken and change the contrasts, colors or add comments or title. You can also make enlargements. 

These devices are also equipped with a CD recorder and a USB port and WiFi allows photographers equipped with devices with WiFi to send photos directly to the photo corner kiosks.


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