Photographe pour la couverture de point de presse et de conférences 2017-10-30T10:14:33+00:00

Photographer for the press conference and conference coverage

Photographer for the coverage of conferences and press briefings

photographe conférences presseConference coverage by a media photographer can capture gestural expressions and emotions of the actors and the audience. The photographs stolen discretion can indeed serve as story elements, what is more, our professional photographers have mastered both the technical journalistic photo essay and art of the portrait photo.

Professional Photographer for conferences and press briefings in Paris

If you want to capture images of your press conference in Paris, pictured agency can provide you with one or several conferences photographers. Our dynamic team will transcribe your messages clear and natural images.

Do not hesitate to consult our portfolios, our achievements and references. You will discover the expertise of our professional photographers. On the other hand, to ensure your satisfaction, we take care to offer high quality services combined with competitive rates.

Press photographers offer customized services

To better meet your expectations, conferences photographers inquire in advance the schedule of your briefing in Île-de-France. This allows them to follow the progress of your event and capture the highlights. You can also show them the types of photos you want to dispose of and future uses of these images. It should also specify the message you want to broadcast to the public with the photos taken during the press conference.

It is possible to have other services, if necessary. This is among others the connection of a tablet or smartphone or sending live on an ftp server. Your images can thus be viewed by your partners or even by millions of Internet users.