Photographe anniversaire pour capturer les moments inoubliables de votre fête. Notre agence photo peut mettre à votre disposition des photographes pour anniversaire particuliers. 2017-07-01T02:35:43+00:00

Birthday photographer to cover your birthday party


Birthday photographer to capture the important moments of your celebration

Photographe anniversaire

If you are looking for a professional photographer to cover your birthday evening in Paris, pictured agency can provide you with one or more photographers to capture important moments and allow you to this effect to get on with your party and your guests. Our team of photographers can also entertain your guests with original picture animation.


Photographer to capture the special anniversary to capture special moments.

During a birthday party, it is impossible to perceive simultaneously the reactions and actions of each guest. Yet many special moments occur and only our birthday photographers who circulate through the room may notice them and capture them with shots. Moreover, as they follow the evolution of the party, they are able to take images from different angles in order to get the best made for moments like the arrival of the cake and opening presents.

If you celebrate your birthday in Paris, take the coverage of this important event in our Photo Agency.


Photographer birthday and original animations Photo

For more originality, why not opt ​​for the photo corner kiosk rental. This will offer guests the ability to view live pictures taken by our photographers and ask their impressions after a few alterations. Moreover, our team can set up a giant screen that allows to broadcast live all the photos. This photo animation is provided by one of our photographers to special birthday, and at your request the photo corner kiosk can be customized according to the theme of your party in Île-de-France. Among the proposed options include Video on green: an opportunity for your guests to discover the staging and see their photos projected in a fun setting.