Rental photobooth for your events in Paris

 The photobooth for your events communication.

borne photoFor all types of events in Paris, the agency "Image en Marche" offers differents services whose differents photobooth. The latter is like a photo booth taht will allow you and your guests to imortalize your events and optimaze your image.

The rental photobooth and what it brings to your events.

The photo booth is a communication tool recommended for events in Ile-de-France. In addition to bring animation to your evenings, this device is practical and easy to use. Especially, as for speed, the agency has integrated two printers that can print your pictures in ten seconds. Similarly, the ergonomic interface of the photo booth allows you to change, as you like, the colors and contrasts of each shot. All for exceptional results. Moreover, the advantage with these devices is that you can choose to rent with the photobooth a photographer to animate your shots. And even more, know that the booth can also use marketing tool during product launch and more.

A Marketing Tool : photobooth renting

The rental of the photobooth has many advantages to ptimize your advertising and marketing campaign in Paris. Connected with booth 2.0 each of the photo taken at your launch party may be directly transferred to your companie's site, email or though social networks. It is even possible to send images to an FTP server to communicate more quickly wth the press or for urgent communication. So you can launch a major marketing and advertising campaign in no time and with a tiny investment. Renting a photobooth allow you to create an animation that will give you charactere for your events.