Photo kiosk corner rental without photographer for events

Why a photo kiosk corner without photograph?

location borne photo sans photographeThis offer allows the rental photo corner kiosk corner only for people who already have a photographer only the photo corner kiosk rental and is designed for people who already have a photographer with whom they used to work and would like to propose an additional animation. It is also available directly to the photographers to respond the needs of their customers.

The different photos corner kiosks corners and possibilities
- The reporting corner kiosk are systematically offered for rental with an operator. It will be responsible for the installation and will remain available to participants for printing and / or sending pictures. It will provide the color calibration with the photographer and the image transfer to the photo kiosk corner. This service allows the photographer or organizer to discharge completely from this technical aspect and offer to your guests a warm welcome to the photo kiosk corner. Reporting kiosk corner allow fast printing photos with these 2 printers and also embedded sending live to the web. It is preferred for high capacity events as it can manage alone 1000 people. It also has a second screen which shows the slideshow photos and creates the animation. A numbering system allows to find easily his photo at any time and avoids endless waiting queues. This little slideshow obviously be rebroadcast on another large screen in the room. The wireless transmitters to transfer live images available for rent. Otherwise, the photo kiosk corner are equipped with card reader to allow the photographer to unload its memory card.

- Mini box are kiosks corners which are installed on a desk. They are equipped with memory card reader for unloading and a self-service picture software. Compact, they are ideal for events of small capacities. As the ,  reportage kiosk corner, you have the opportunity to equip it with a printer and / or sent to the email and social networks. An operator will handle the delivery and setting of the kiosk corner that will be self-service for guests.

Cette offre peut se combiner avec : 
- Le photocall : fabrication et création visuel
- Les effets divers : pop art, générateur van de graff, calendrier, silhouette, light painting, instagram
- Marketing digital : envoi réseaux sociaux, collecte de données
- Reportage photo ou vidéo