Rent a Photobooth and videobooth in Paris

euro 2017

Morphing, animated Gifs, spot color, video and slow motion 
Back screen with inlay, green screen background and light painting options with automatic set-up or customizable
Live sharing on social media networks, data collection and live broadcasting on Youtube

Photobooth photocall or green screen background, Gifsbooth, Vidéobooth, Lightpaintingbooth, Morphingbooth, spotcolorbooth, slowmotionbooth and Instabooth


photobooth paris







  • Embedded DSLR camera

  • Integrated pro Flash 
  • Main touch screen to take your picture or possibility to display a slideshow of pictures taken
  • Interface with a selection of up to 10 backgrounds and photo editing software for guests to play with
  • Live stream on social media networks and / or email transfer to event organizer or users 
  • Data collection with real-time results with the possibility of intergrating Google Analytics 
  • Green screen background with simultaneous results on the main screen thanks to intelligent positioning technology.
  • Editing software with photo filters and special effects (Instagram, Andy Warhol, Sepia, Black and White ... etc)
  • Face recognition for printing the same amount of photos as people being photographed
  • Ability to add a text message on each shot by the user
  • Create fun memories by making Gifs; you can animated separatly the background, the people or the foreground (eg. logo or text) or all three at once
  • Live morphing live: transform your guests into celebrities, singers etc... 
  • Spot color - only the selected color appears, the rest of the photo is in B&W. This feature is great to promote a product or brand
  • Digital light painting
  • Insta-print or hashtag print: your guests become the photographers with their smartphones and Instagram using an event hashtag to print on the booth
  • Film your guests with or without a green screen background