Sharing Photobooth rental and social sharingbox animation in Paris

euro 2017

Morphing, animated gifs, Spot Color, video and Slow Motion 
Back screen with inlay, Green Background and Light painting car or via self-service shelves
Sharing social networks, data collection and broadcasting live on youtube

Photobooth photocall or green background, Gifsbooth, Vidéobooth, Lightpaintingbooth, Morphingbooth spotcolorbooth, slowmotionbooth and Instabooth


photobooth paris






  • An onboard digital SLR.

  • Flash pro integrated.
  • A main touch screen with live picture slideshow possibility of return and live images.
  • Up to 10 multi-touch interface with self-service picture software for guests.
  • Sending to live social networks, email client and users at the same time if desired.
  • Data collection and result live with possibility google analytics integration.
  • Green background with live results and intelligent positioning on the models. Photo filters and effects (Instagram, andy warhol, Sepia, Black and White ... etc)
  • Face recognition for printing the number of people photographed.
  • Ability to add custom text for each shot by the user.
  • Gifs nimation for images more fun opportunity to animate only the background, foreground or shooting or all animated.
  • Morphing live, transform the portrait of star guests see in colleague ext ...
  • The spot color, or the development of one color and the rest in black and bench to promote such product
  • The digital light painting
  • Insta-print or print hashtag, transform your guests by photographers via their smartphones and instagram hashtag of the event
  • Capture video with or without green background live ...